Happy Coach Byron Bay to Nimbin Tours.

Climb aboard our psychedelic tour bus for the ultimate tour experience to Australia's iconic hippie destination and alternative lifestyle capital, Nimbin.

We will take you on a 6 and a half hour Journey full of wonder and history that is Nimbin or, rather, Byron to Nimbin. Only $50 with a FREE LUNCH.

Discover why so many others have gone on this tour to Nimbin where you experience a unique insight into what Australia was like in the Hippy Era after the Vietnam War. No other place comes close to giving you a feel of the Age of Aquarius when people were chilled out and let their hair hang down! You’ll meet some interesting and colorful characters who will offer you all kinds of treats. Along the way you will visit some beautiful natural country side and see spectacular inland falls.

Looking to get from Byron Bay to Nimbin Mardi Gras? Call (02) 6685 3996 and ask about our special event shuttle service.


“You’ll feel like you are living in the 70s or 80s.”

The Happy Coach has a reputation for being fun and relaxed at the same time. Visit a unique part of Australia and experience some spectacular and special country including Killen Falls and Nimbin Rocks which the traditional owners – The Bundjalung – hold as sacred ground. For thousands of years, the Rocks have been an important meeting ground for a variety of cultural ceremonies. You will spend 2 hours of “free time” in the town of Nimbin, halfway through which your freshly prepared gourmet Aussie burgers (vego option available upon request) will be prepared at the local lawn bowls club, where a bar is available for the thirsty. Bare foot lawn bowls is also available free of charge most of the time. Here you will still see the remnants of the once flourishing hippy culture that was embraced through “the age of aquarius” during the late 60’s/early 70’s

“You’ll be glad you took this trip. It is suitable for ALL ages from infants to the elderly that are still young at heart! Like so many before you, check it out before you leave Byron Bay and have to go back to mainstream society!”